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A Message from Bruce Watkins

Dear Our Cancer Journey Podcast Listeners and Followers,

Thank you for the many positive and supportive comments about the content and the mission of our program.  I am Bruce Watkins, the producer of the Our Cancer Journey Podcast.  

Throughout my life, I have given back in various ways.  During and after I was diagnosed and treated for cancer in 2017, I had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of fellow cancer patients, their caregivers, and their loved ones. 

While many of these diverse and wonderful people said they appreciated some of the media that were offered to support them, they also shared that they felt a more positive and accessible voice was needed in the cancer community; one that provided practical takeaways and talked about us as a “whole-person.”

I felt the same way, so I decided to take action.  

If you have found Value in our Podcast and our Mission, please consider providing a donation to help us continue to produce even more episodes and spread the helpful content of our program.

I created the Our Cancer Journey Podcast and published its first episode in 2020.  Since launching the program, I have self-funded the production of the show.  I simply hoped that it would be helpful to some, but I never dreamed that this humble little podcast show would today have an audience of thousands of listeners in more than 70 Countries throughout the World!  

Our dedicated audience (and many new listeners too) regularly ask that we produce even more shows so that they and others can benefit from the program’s helpful content and its empowering message. 

To do this, it is clear that more resources will be needed to produce more content with the high-quality that our listeners know and appreciate.  

Your donation will help us to engage cost-effective editing and communication services which will help us get more shows to you, and to help many more people learn about and enjoy the program.  

Please consider giving any amount that is appropriate for your means.  All donations, large and small, are welcome and greatly appreciated.  

Together, WE can help many others feel better, live happier, expand their self-empowerment, and enhance their life experience, and ours too!

Thank you for your donation and for helping us to discuss more than just the topic of cancer.  The  Our Cancer Journey Podcast is a conversation about Life, and how we can make all of our lives Better.

With gratitude and love, Bruce