Scheduling a Meeting / Guest Interview with Bruce Watkins – Calendar Overview & Instructions

Thanks for your interest in working with Bruce Watkins of Fairlead Media, the Producer & Host of the Our Cancer Journey Podcast.

This private webpage is for those individuals working directly with Bruce & Fairlead Media to schedule a meeting, phone call, web conference, or interview for our show or request to interview Bruce.

Please follow the below instructions below, and we will reply as quickly as possible to all inquiries and requests.

NOTE: If you wish to submit an unsolicited request for a meeting, to pitch being a guest on the show, or request to interview Bruce, please follow the instructions on this webpage: Schedule a Call, Web-conference or Interview with Bruce

How to Schedule a Call, Web-conference or Interview with Bruce

1) Review the Meeting / Interview Calendar Overview below.

Available meeting / interview times are colored Green

Booked / Unavailable times are colored Red

2) Identify an available time option on the calendar (preferrable 2 or 3 options) that works for your schedule

3) Email your preferred meeting options to Bruce at with the following information:

  • The type of meeting you are requesting (Pre-Interview Call, Meeting or Podcast Interview) and connection method (via Phone Call, Zoom meeting, In-Person Interview, etc)
  • Any other important notes about the meeting or other questions you would like to discuss
  • And, if secheduling an interivew, a brief desicription of how you will connect to the recording (for example – via telephone, via laptop with laptop microphone, via a computer with a quality picrophone, or other connection, or in-person

3) Bruce will reply with confirmation and meeting instructions, or provide alternative dates & meeting options.

Fairlead Media Meeting / Interview Calendar Overview

If you have further questions, please send them to us via our Website Contact Form (click here).

Thanks for your interest – The Team at Fairlead Media & Our Cancer Journey Podcast.