HEAR Episode #021 – Cancer Returns! The Strength of Vulnerability

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A Story of Finding Strength in Vulnerability

In a fairly dramatic departure from the normal program format of the show, host Bruce Watkins shares a deeply personal story in this episode of the Our Cancer Journey Podcast.

Hear Episode 021 – Cancer Returns – The Strength of Vulnerability

Over a recent several-week period, Host Bruce Watkins underwent a handful of routine tests for some small nominal health issues. The test results unexpectedly indicated that cancer had returned to Bruce’s life.

In this episode, Bruce tells of the time leading up to this new cancer diagnosis. Surprisingly, however, this story is not about cancer. In this episode, Bruce shares how he, like many of us, lived a life that was guarded and not open in ways that affected many aspects of his life. He held back information about himself and his personal story, and he resisted asking for help and support from others. At the encouragement of many friends, and at the urging of his own heart, Bruce finally found the courage to ask for the strength of vulnerability.

Asking for the PUSH

Bruce shares how he broke down and asked for help, and the story of the “Push” that he received to make the change. A thunderstorm stops by to add additional emphasis to the story and to reinforce that a push can likely happen for us all, if we allow it.

Hear Episode 021 – Cancer Returns – The Strength of Vulnerability

Listen to the Follow-Up Episode #022

Be sure to also listen to episode ( Episode #022 ), which immediately follows this one. The follow-up show contains a live recording of the moments immediately after Bruce learned of one of two potential new cancer diagnoses. In it he discusses his reactions and revelations to the news in a raw and unguarded way never heard on this program before.

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