Card with 10.0 written on it in Our Cancer Journey Podcast blog post

One Great Way to Responded to People First Hearing About Your Cancer  

A Cancer Patient and OCJ Podcast Listener Reaches Out About ‘Awkward Situations’ I recently received a message from a cancer patient who had just completed treatments.  In the message, the sender commented on the awkward reactions they had received from people that 1) they had not seen for a while, and 2) the friend didn’t know about […]

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Photo of Cappadocia, Turkey hot air balloons from the ourcancerjourney.com article about Host Bruce Watkins's Trip to Turkey and lessons he learned from listeners.

The Reason Why We All Need to Share Our Travel Stories

A touching request from a Cancer Patient helped me to overcome apprehension, and share my experiences so others could enjoy a sense of discovery and travel. Bruce Watkins Not long ago,  I returned from a trip to the captivating country of Turkey, a land rich with history and remarkable beauty.   My close friends know […]

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