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#020 – Biostatistics & Informatics Part 2 – Prof. Levi Waldron

Data Scientist and Researcher Prof. Levi Waldron returns for Part-2 of his conversation with Host Bruce Watkins.   Dr. Levi briefly touches on his experience being diagnosed with HPV+ oral oropharyngeal cancer and his current NED status, before covering the various contributors to the medical research process and describing the new way of viewing who […]

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#019 – Biostatistics & Informatics – Part 1 – Prof. Levi Waldron

About This Episode:  The world of biological and medical research is complex, and there are many contributors in the efforts to find more effective treatments and potential cures for disease. One group of those contributors has an increasingly important role in identifying these discoveries, and yet their work is virtually unknown in the public and often […]

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#015 – What is Chemo Brain, Cytokines & Accelerated Aging – Part 1 – Dr. Arash Asher

About This Episode:  What is “Chemo Brain?” The term started several decades ago when cancer patients tried to describe a number of symptoms they experienced during and after cancer treatments. These symptoms seemed to affect their mind’s clarity of thought and effective information recall. Also referred to as “Chemo–Fog” back in the day, the phrase was initially popularized […]

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#012 – Season 1 Retrospective and New Insights – PART 1

About This Episode: This PART 1 installment of a two-episode series takes a look back at just a few meaningful moments from the 1st season of the Our Cancer Journey Podcast. Host Bruce Watkins provides new reflections on some great takeaways provided in OCJ’s Episodes 2 through 5 from Season One, and after playing selected […]

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#008 – Ovarian Cancer, Giving Back and Australian’s AusLitTeal Awareness – Sirin Steele

Australian Cancer Survivor and lead of the AusLitTeal awareness and advocacy campaign to “Lite Australia TEAL” joins us to discuss survivorship, and moving through an unexpected Ovarian Cancer diagnosis to find meaning in lighting up her whole country Teal. Her remarkable story takes us through her personal transformation from Mother, trained engineer, and someone pursuing her […]

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#006 – Your Mindset and You – Part 1 – with Bruce Watkins

In this “Part 1” of a multi-episode “mini-series” of podcast shows, program host Bruce Watkins walks us through a very simple introduction to the concept of a “Mindset,” the powerful device we use to orient ourselves to the world. Bruce discusses how the framework of a frame of Mindset is different and separate from … the […]

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#003 – Restorative Yoga Part 2 – Tips for Your First Oncology Yoga Class & Recovery – Kathleen Ross-Allee

About This Episode In this “Part 2” episode of an extended interview with Kathleen Ross-Allee (see bio below), we discuss various tips when attending your first Oncology Yoga Class. We also share deeper discussions about the types of barriers people experience when they attend group therapy classes in their new “post-cancer-treatment bodies and selves.” Key […]

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#002 – Restorative Yoga and Your Cancer Treatment Recovery – Kathleen Ross-Allee

Restorative Yoga and Your Cancer Treatment Recovery

Restorative Yoga and Your Cancer Treatment Recovery In this “Part 1” episode of an extended interview with Kathleen Ross-Allee (see bio below), we introduce the concept of oncology yoga and recovery yoga. We discuss how this new collaborative health practice is being integrated with modern Western medicine to improve patient treatment outcomes. And, in the true Our […]

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#001 – Introduction: About the Our Cancer Journey Podcast

#001 - Introduction - About the Our Cancer Journey Podcast This Trailer Episode introduces the Our Cancer Journey Podcast and highlights: The vision and the overall purpose of our Podcast The reasons why THIS type of show, with its unique voice and outlook, is needed in our community   The kinds of topics we will discuss and guests we will host And explain how we, together … will explore tips, ideas, and insights, and how you can put them into action

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