About the Our Cancer Journey Podcast

Our Show Description Says it Best

The Our Cancer Journey Podcast is a place for those impacted by Cancer, their caregivers, their loved ones and also those wishing to prevent illness. 

Our podcast is more than a program about cancer, it’s a conversation about life and how we can make ours better.

Together we explore ways we can optimize our lives through the experiences of diagnosis, treatments, and beyond into the future of Survivorship. 

We discuss ways to help YOU feel better, live happier, expand your self-empowerment, and enhance your life experience.  Our podcast is more than a podcast about medicine, or even Cancer. It is a program about you, the Whole Person, and tips, ideas, and strategies to possibly improve your cancer journey, and all aspects of your life.

The Our Cancer Journey Podcast with Bruce Watkins was created for those impacted with Cancer, their caregivers, and their loved ones.  We seek to optimize our lives through the experiences of diagnosis, our treatments, and beyond into the future of Survivorship.  The program’s host and guests explore ways to help you feel better, live happier, expand your self-empowerment, and enhance your life experience.  And, because the program’s content and culture also appeal to people interested in healthy lifestyles, illness prevention, positive life practices, and fun and engaging conversation, the listener base is continuing to expand.

The Goals of the Our Cancer Journey Podcast

  • Introduce and promote the concept that individuals impacted by Cancer can do many things that can enhance their lives, and possibly influence the outcome of their chosen treatments and post-cancer life 
  • Encourage and educate listeners, readers, and the broader public on how to become more empowered to participate in their personal medical and health & wellness treatment decisions, and their personal lifestyle approaches
  • Explore a variety of Life-Optimizing strategies, medical care approaches, health & wellness options, and other topics of interest to our audience
  • Present (and sometimes translate) often-times complex information and ideas in an open-minded, whole-hearted, and authentic way that makes the program’s content more accessible, relatable, and entertaining for our audience
  • Ask questions from the perspective of the non-medical public, and more deeply probe topics to identify specific practical takeaways that could be helpful to our listeners

The Purpose of the Our Cancer Journey Podcast: Filling a Need

How it Began

The concept for the Our Cancer Journey Podcast program was born from Bruce Watkins’ experience in the months that followed his personal cancer diagnosis and his reflections on having been a caregiver to others with Cancer.  The motivation to create and publish this podcast was to help solve an unaddressed need in the cancer community, a need that was also validated by many others that Bruce met on his Cancer Journey.

In the trailer episode of the Our Cancer Journey podcast (Episode #001), Bruce details the need and his personal inspiration to make this information available to everyone.  

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Discovering a Need

While speaking to several different medical teams and specialists, Bruce encountered one special group of forward-thinking Doctors.  These professionals introduced Bruce to new and innovative approaches to coordinating medical care for cancer patients, and explained to him how alternative health practices were being integrated with Modern Western medicine to provide collaborative and complementary treatment approaches.  

Bruce also learned of a new strategy for patient care called “Survivorship” that was revolutionizing the old patient treatment approaches.  These new strategies, required changes in old views held by more-traditional medicine providers, views that have lingered for more than a century.  

Survivorship includes several foundational concepts, many of which are based on common sense ideas.  After several decades of research, test results repeatedly shown the  effectiveness of Survivorship patient-care methodologies, their positive impact on cancer patients, and in some cases, how they have influence the outcomes of a person’s chosen medical treatment and cancer management plans. 

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Bruce and many other of his cancer contemporaries felt this information provided a tangible roadmap towards a more empowered and hopeful healing future.  So, of course, he thought this information would have been universally accepted, communicated and adopted by all in the medical world.  As he later found, that was not the case.

The Gap in Vital Information

Despite the exciting news about these new approaches for cancer patients and their research results, as he talked to countless people in the cancer community, Bruce learned there was a sizable Gap in the understanding, adoption, and effective communication of this cutting-edge information.  This Gap was not only between professional care practitioners in the medical and holistic communities but more importantly, it was in the effective communication of this information from care providers to patients and their supporters.

Although there were some cases where forward-thinking medical, wellness providers and institutions understood the power of these new approaches and were doing their best to implement them, those changes were coming slowly.  And because these revolutionary practices would requiring a wholesale-change for many medical and holistic care professionals, these adoption were proving even more difficult.

Bridging the GAP in Information and Adoption

Realizing this gap of information, and the slow speed of adoption, something had to be done. This information needed to get in the hands of patients as fast as possible.  Solving that need by bridging the information gap and making this information readily available to anybody, anywhere, is at the heart of the motivation to create the Our Cancer Journey Podcast.

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Content Advisory Note:

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