About Bruce Watkins

The Basics

Bruce Watkins is the creator and host of the Our Cancer Journey Podcast. He is a Father, Content Producer, Podcaster, Writer, Storyteller, Speaker, Voice Artist, former Corporate HR Leader, Humanitarian Advocate, Giving-Back Evangelist, and Explorer of Life.

Bruce’s Unique Background

Starting his career as a musician and music marketer in the entertainment industry, over time he migrated into Leadership roles in the Corporate world. He leveraged his innovative communication and business strategy skills to become the Leader of Human Resources at National and International industry-leading organizations.  See Bruce’s LinkedIn Profile HERE.

Life-Changing Events and Starting His Journey

Then, after experiencing several life-changing events, including surviving a Stage-3 Cancer diagnosis in 2017, Bruce felt a calling to return to his creative roots. He gave up his conventional life, left his home, gave away most of his possessions, and began traveling, writing, and sharing stories of beauty, human connection, and giving back.

After several years of traveling, writing, and giving back, Bruce created the Our Cancer Journey Podcast to help those impacted by Cancer, their Caregivers, and their Loved-Ones. 

Bruce now dedicates his talents to giving back and helping others.  He actively promotes and participates in philanthropic, humanitarian, and supportive organizations. He has worked with or participated in world-scale non-profits such as the American Red Cross (where he served for 4 years on the Board of Directors of the American Red Cross Los Angeles Regional Board), to smaller specialized groups and charities that serve a variety of people in need (such as Cancer patient support groups, and International cross-cultural volunteerism organizations).

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Content Advisory Note:

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