#011 – Lung Cancer Advocacy – Terri Ann DiJulio & The Gift Of Our Beautiful Lives

Original Publish Date: 04, October 2021

Full Website Show Notes:

In these Full Show Notes, we include some links to information discussed in this episode, AND an additional BONUS AUDIO CLIP of Terri Ann DiJulio sharing a story about “Forget the BUT, and just say YES!” (see below).  

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About This Episode: 

When an active and in-shape cycling enthusiast receives the life-changing diagnosis of Lung Cancer, they can react in a number of ways. This episode’s guest, Terri Ann DiJulio, chose to peddle on! Then a successful corporate event planner, she was inspired by the life example set by her brother and the advice of trusted friends to live life to the fullest. Terri Ann set her sights on Survivorship and dedicated herself to sharing important information about Lung Cancer and early detection.  But she did not stop there.  Terri Ann rode her passion for long-distance cycling and her new passion for Lung Cancer education and created a campaign to raise money for the type of treatment research that saved her life during multiple (Yes, multiple) Cancer diagnoses. Her efforts were so successful that she was awarded the Rays of Hope Award from the GO2 Lung Cancer Foundation for her fundraising and education campaign.   

Now after surviving a 3rd lung cancer diagnosis, Terri Ann speaks regularly at conferences and events, gives back as a new patient mentor, volunteers for legislative advocacy, and participates in grant and research reviews as a patient advisor.   

Guest Terri Ann DiJulio discusses great insights, lung cancer patient support, and advocacy for research, and shares her compelling story about how she “Lives the Hell Out of Life”, because she does not want to waste “The Gift of Her Beautiful Life.” Compelling inspiration and great takeaways abound. 

Key Discussion Points and Takeaways from this Our Cancer Journey Podcast Episode:

  • Handling a diagnosis when you define yourself as an active individual
  • How to begin being an effective Self Advocate: Learn the Stats – Start Asking Questions!
  • How to ask for continued periodic cancer screenings
  • The importance of Full-Family screen for genetic or environmental-related cancer
  • Overcoming the “Stigma” of lung cancer as a “smoker’s only” disease and reinforcing that ANYONE can get lung cancer
  • Finding purpose and meaning in adversity, and how to find joy in taking action
  • Suggestions of how anyone can give-back (when they are ready)
  • The importance of “Living the Hell Out of Life,” and appreciating the “Gift of your Beautiful Life”  

References and Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Terri Ann DiJulio’s Website: TerriAnnDiJulio.com

Terri Ann is a supporter of the GO2 Foundation – A Lung Cancer Support and Advocacy organization:  https://go2foundation.org

The GO2 Foundation also provides information on a variety of ways people can access support and give back.  See their support page here:  https://go2foundation.org/sign-up/?gclid=CjwKCAjwndCKBhAkEiwAgSDKQQXJDAZdpB6efM2DzvA4oYFGhJ_7_Oh-wdXhKN2CWlXVE8kvuz9qFhoClrgQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

CLICK HERE BONUS AUDIO CLIP: Terri Ann shares how to “Forget the BUT, and Just Say YES!”

“Forget about the BUT, and Just Say Yes!” – Terri Ann DiJulio

Episode Guest(s): Terri Ann DiJulio

Terri Ann DiJulio is a three-time lung cancer survivor and member of a multi-generational lung cancer family. Fueled by gratitude for her own health, Terri Ann has dedicated time to educate herself, fundraise for research, and engage in legislative advocacy in hopes of having her voice help move the needle forward in the fight against lung cancer. 

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A Father, Cancer survivor, podcaster, writer & content creator, speaker, voice-over artist, facilitator/moderator, avid traveler, cultural explorer, humanitarian, giving-back & minimalist evangelist, music enthusiast, former Corporate people leader, and curious soul who transformed into an unapologetically optimistic and unpretentious advocate of Life-Optimization for all. 

After surviving Cancer and other life-changing experiences in 2017, Bruce gave away most of his possessions, left his home behind, and began traveling, writing, volunteering, and giving-back. 




Our Cancer Journey Podcast's Host Bruce Watkins filming in the Amazon Jungle
Our Cancer Journey Podcast’s Host Bruce Watkins filming in the Amazon Jungle

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