ZZ – Now In Ushuaia, Argentina … “The End of the World”

The Southern-Most City In the World

I arrived in Ushuaia Argentina last night. Ushuaia calls itself, “Fin del Mundo” (“The End of the World”) by the locals in Argentina. Well, and a lot of Marketing people pitching this unique and strangely positioned city. Ushuaia is the Southern-most reasonably populated cities on the planet.

The roads that lead South in Patagonia after combining into one final highway end here, at the terminus of a port between the World’s two greatest oceans.

The town has a rich history. The aboriginal tribes who populated the area frightened initially frightened Europeans by wearing what has been described otherworldly costumes.

And it’s significance as a safe harbor for vessels crossing through the most dangerous waters on earth, the Drake passage, is why it is noon and visited for one other world renowned reason. It is the gateway To earths true and only final frontier. Antarctica.

I depart on an expedition tomorrow to the 7th Continent, but first will stroll the streets of this town in the light of day. The Sun is not scheduled to set until sometime around midnight or a bit thereafter.



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What to Bring

  • Multiple layers and gloves
  • Water 
  • Sun screen
  • Coverage hat 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Rain poncho or other jacket (weather dependent) 
  • The best camera you have
  • Good day trek shoes or better
  • Hiking poles if desired
  • Meal and snack options for along the trail and other meals (in case you choose not to buy Dinner or Breakfast food from the Refugio). 
  • Sleeping bag (and tent and other gear if you choose to camp outside)

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This post was last updated in January 2020.

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